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Ans Duin

Although she is 74 years of age she walks, talks and works like someone in her mid 20’s. Ans Duin is a woman who had an inspiring career full of creativity and entrepreneurship.
Nowadays her focus is on painting and it has given her a second youth. Duin loves to paint. Unlike most artists, she hasn’t been doing it all of her life. In contrary, she started painting after an intense career in the fashion industry. First she launched a clothing line, one that sold very well on cruises and fairs. She made a career move launching a modelling agency, one that developed as one of the market leaders in Holland. But a burnout ,ondergo some operations and in the same period a tragic accident involving her parents caused Duin saying goodbye to her beloved works after 21 years. Duin explains: it was an emotional period and I had to take a time-out. As she is not the person who can sit still, she started painting to have something to distract her and could food her creativity again.
Although her work has its spirituasl parts, they don’t contain messages. The only purpose they serve is to enlighten people. Duin’s paintings contain a lot of optimism. They ‘re bright, often contains lots of flowers, and the subjects are often light. Duin explains it’s in her personality to be optimistic. She said: “some people just don’t see the beauty of things. You’ve got people grumbling about everything. Never you’ll hear me say “Oh ,it’s raining again”. No , look at those drops! That light, those lines!”. Her way of looking proves an artist’s observation. You will see this in her paintings.
acryl op linnen, impressionisme en expressionisme.
Vaste kunstenaar: Galerie ArtFusion, VillaArena te Amsterdam. + Haags Kunsthuis te "s Gravenhage en Tiny's Galerie te Leliestad.
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